The Hawaiian tradition  of  giving lei represents many things, from affection and friendship to celebration and praise. “Giving a lei is a way to share the aloha spirit Hawaii is known for,” says Tracy Harada, owner and lei designer at Ui Mau a Mau, a shop at Na Lama Kukui that specializes in ribbon lei and yarn-lei supplies. With more than 90 percent of its ribbon-lei designs original to Ui Ma a Mau, it’s no wonder many regard the boutique as the go-to shop when it comes to the art of making lei.

Making ribbon lei originally started as a hobby for Harada, but has since developed into a passion that she is eager to share with anyone who is willing to learn. “It brings joy and happiness to those who receive lei and that joyful appreciation is reciprocated onto the lei maker/giver,” Harada adds, speaking on the importance of lei. Ui Mau a Mau means “beautiful forever” in the Hawaiian language, a name that’s not only reflective of the physical lei, but of the love and aloha that go into making and giving them as well.

– HH&R by Tyler Shiroma